Our Facilities for your stay on Picturesque, Crystal-Clear, Spring-Fed, Merritt's Mill Pond

We believe we are a fantastic Family Resort and one of the most beautiful campsites/RV parks in North Florida.

Our full service facilities have all you need right on site. This gives you more time to enjoy the outdoor facilities.

Located on the water, this is a view of our Shoreline from across the Pond. We have nearly 1000 feet of accessible shoreline with a lagoon, picnic areas, mini-ponds, and fishing docks to enjoy during your stay with us.

In our protected Lagoon you can ride the Paddle Boat or start out on that Canoeing adventure. You may also choose to eat lunch or picnic on the Shore. This is a favorite area for our resident ducks.

Some of our permanent residents are more than glad to help with any left-overs from the picnic. They are always on the ready to greet you with a quack or two. These guys like Arrowhead so much they stay year-round!

It's so relaxing just gazing out over the tranquil Mill Pond Flats among the Bald Cypress trees. This scene is from one of our docks and you can see how clear the water is. Just imagine there's a big bass swimming around the base of one of the trees.